Start/Finish Location: Pier A, Battery Park, New York, NY
Event Dates: 
  1. June 24-27
  2. July 24-28
  3. August 7-11
  4. August 22-26
  5. September 6-10
  6. October 7-11 (Please note that water temperatures will be in low 60’s Fahrenheit)
Registration form
Tentative Assignments


January 6, 2021: Applications for 20 Bridges, 40 Bridges, and 8 Bridges solo marathon events open.

January 31, 2021: First round of dates for 20 Bridges, 40 Bridges, and 8 Bridges solo marathon events are assigned.

April 15, 2021: Full entry fees due.

*The planning process imposes considerable expense to NYOW. Therefore, we are unable to issue refunds of a $300 deposit due to cancellation for any reason.


The cost for 20 Bridges is $3300.  This covers your boat/boater, observer and kayak/kayaker. You will be allowed two crew members maximum. The cost for swimmers 25 and under is $2300. Tandem’s cost $2000 per swimmer.

Withdrawal Policy:

* Withdrawal before April 15: swimmer gets a full refund minus a $300 processing fee.
* Withdrawal after April 15: swimmer will be refunded entire fee minus their deposit of $750. However, if their swim spot cannot be filled the swimmer will not be refunded.
* Withdrawal 14 days prior to event day: No refunds

Fundraising Policy:

You are welcome to raise funds for a cause when you swim 20 Bridges as long as you abide by the following guidelines.
* The organization you are raising funds for must be a registered charity or not-for-profit organization.
* This organization can not represent a religious or political cause.
* All proceeds must go to the charity you are fundraising for. You can not fund your swim through your fundraising efforts.

20 Bridges Selection Criteria:

Entries are no longer ranked by their timestamp, so swimmers should take their time to make a strong application. Instead, we will be putting an emphasis on swimmer resume. Criteria will include:

  1. Completed recent and less recent marathon swims
  2. Field diversity for each date (age, gender, nationality)
  3. Swimmer schedule (EC, CC bookings)
  4. Participation as a NYOW volunteer
  5. Preferred swim dates
  6. Cold water experience (For 20 Bridges-1 on June 1)

What can I prepare in advance for the application form?

*  Emergency contact name & relationship:

*  Emergency contact phone number:

*  Medical conditions

*  List your marathon swimming experience over the past three years.

*  List any other marathon swimming experience.

(Do not included relays, wetsuited swims etc in these two fields)

*  List any other athletic activities you would like us to consider in your application.

*  List your pace for one hour of swimming hard in a pool.

*  List the distance you swim per week during peak marathon training.

*  Water temperatures on June 1 will be as low as 60 ̊F. To be considered for this date list your cold water experience.

*  Include a one to three paragraph biography about yourself including your marathon swimming experiences.

*  Include a photo of yourself that we have permission to use on our website and social media platforms.

*  Provide your feeding plan for a marathon swim.

*  Name of charity you are fundraising for.

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The 20 Bridges around Manhattan Island include:

Hudson River (date built/length):
1. George Washington Bridge (1931/1,450.85 meters)

Harlem River (date built/length):
2. Spuyten Duyvil Bridge (1899/186 meters)
3. Henry Hudson Bridge (1936/673 meters)
4. Broadway Bridge (1962/170.08 meters)
5. University Heights Bridge (1908/82 meters)
6. Washington Bridge (1888/723.9 meters)
7. Alexander Hamilton Bridge (1963/724 meters)
8. High Bridge (1848/600 meters)
9. 18. Macombs Dam Bridge (1895/774 meters)
10. 145th Street Bridge (1905/489 meters)
11. Madison Avenue Bridge (1910/577 meters)
12. Park Avenue Bridge (1954/100 meters)
13. Third Avenue Bridge (1898/853.44 meters)
14. Willis Avenue Bridge (1901/979 meters)
15. Triborough Bridge (1936/230 meters)
16. Wards Island Bridge (1951/285.6 meters)

East River (date built/length):
17. Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge (1909/1,135 meters)
18. Williamsburg Bridge (1903/2,227.48 meters)
19. Manhattan Bridge (1909/2,089 meters)
20. Brooklyn Bridge (1883/1,825 meters)