Boat Observer Supplies (by Laura Picardo)


Please have at least 2. Stopwatches – Look at all those colors!

Do not rely on a phone!

Must record hours, minutes, and seconds


Marine Radio: The Icom M25 is on the more costly side, but is highly endorsed by our head kayaker and is the one that we use. I will be looking for a few cheaper options, but if you are going to be observing several times over the years, this one is a solid investment.

-Extra pens



-Lip balm with SPF


-UV blocking shirt

You will get an official NYOW shirt if you commit to observing at least one event!

-Long, UV blocking Pants

-Durable shoes that will not scuff a boat deck

-Swimsuit (optional)

-Polarized sunglasses

Ones that wrap all around your eyes

-Rain gear if rain forecast

-Towel or Baby Wipes



No bananas(or at least ask your Captain first)

Be ready for a whole day on the water, so bring something like a PB & J in addition to snacks

-A “reward snack”

Something you really like that will make your brain say “yay!” but not melt in the sun

-Seasickness medication (if needed)

-Tylenol or Ibuprofen

-Eye Wash



-Duck Tape

-Extra Rope