Calling all past, present, and future Boat Observers! NYOW is offering a boat observer and CPR training course.  

 Make payment for Observer and CPR/AED Training Course

Who are boat observers and what do they do? A boat observer a NYOW certified official assigned to observe a swimmer, and follow him or her on the escort boat. Observers make sure that the swimmer and boater are observing rules, while monitoring stroke counts, feeds, and the general well-being of the swimmer. Observers also fill out a log of the swim, to be given to NYOW at the conclusion of the swim.


Course 1: Tuesday May 14/ Thursday May 16

Course 2: Tuesday May 21/ Thursday May 23

You do not have to attend dates in the same week, just attend one Tuesday session and one Thursday session. The Tuesday class will be boat observer training, while the Thursday class is CPR certification.

7 to 10 PM


TBD, but on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. We will let you know once we have the official location.

Commitment and Compensation
Observe at least one 20 Bridges swim, 40 Bridges or Ederle-Burke swim this season. You will receive a $125 per diem for your time only if you take the course. If you do not take the course, and still want to observe, you will receive a $75 per diem. In addition to the per diem, you will also be given a whistle and an official NYOW sun shirt to wear on the boat.

$50. This covers the cost of the certification from the American Red Cross and the facility rental.

To sign up, please fill out this form, and let us know if you have any questions.

Official Observer Resources
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