Required Equipment: Kayakers are required to have the following equipment:
+ Plastic kayak with at least two sealed bulkheads
+ Marine Radio
+ Tie line attached to kayak
+ Spray skirt
+ Water pumping device and sponge
+ Cell phone
+ Signaling device
+ Stop watch

Radios can be provided for $25 per day. Kayak rentals are available for $50 per day.

Per Diem: Kayakers will be paid a $200 per diem for 20 Bridges and $200 for 8 Bridges. Kayakers participating at the personal request of a swimmer will not receive a per diem.

The following form is for kayakers signing up to paddle for New York Open Water’s marathon events: 8 Bridges, 20 Bridges, Ederle-Burke, and 40 Bridges.

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